Day 121 – Candy Corn!

Hello happy corn!

Hello happy corn!

Day one of Halloween fun starts with Candy corn, that sweet little candy that seems like its been around forever. If by forever you mean since 1898 then yes, its been around ‘forever’ : )

Orange and yellow all over!

Not all Halloween things are creepy,

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Day 120 – The calm before the Halloween storm

If it's blue...

If it's blue…

It must be Sue’s and it is, a favorite to boot. What better way to spend the last remaining hours until we plunge headlong into our thirteen days of Halloween fun?!

But for now, the calm. The serene combination of blue, grey and white. SHhhhhhhh……..


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Day 117 – Comfort Breakfast

Feisty rooster : )

Feisty rooster : )

One of the ‘secrets’ of being an adult that no one ever tells you about when you’re growing up is that you will have ‘weeks’, weeks where NOTHING seems to go right or well.

Maybe they CAN tell you, but what 8 or 11 or 14

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Day 92 – A Lemony thicket

Not lemons...

Not lemons…

That’s right, they’re roses not lemons. And very old-lady-grandma roses at that, not really my style but I had an ulterior motive when I bought this. It will make a return appearance later : )

Then I was out walking the dog VERY early and came across a

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Day 87 – Red, grey and forget-me-nots


Working with the red yesterday was so nice I felt like continuing the trend. This cloth was a cutter, meaning it has ‘issues’, some pretty big issues at that.

Holes, stains and tears…but it also has red, grey, a pretty fabulous bow-filled middle and an adorable scallop border. Poor thing, it

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Day 83 – TV Dinner #2

Coral and snowflakes?

Coral and snowflakes?

So 50′s, so fab : )

After a long day of outdoor work, it feels like taking some time to watch a few specials about Patriot day is a good way to wind down the week. For our generation, this is our Pearl Harbor or JFK assasination.

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Day 81 – Back to school

Wake up!

Wake up!

This is the cutest chicken cloth – chickens and roosters and schoolhouses, from the wondrous Nadine at the Alameda Flea Market.

It seemed fitting to celebrate the first week back to school!

It has cooled down a bit but still nicely warm. Time to put feet

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