Day 43 – Another Birthday!

Number One!

Number One!

This is the tablecloth that started it all. This was the number one, very first tablecloth I EVER bought. I found it at a store in Berkeley, that sadly no longer exists, called ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’. It was hanging on a wall behind the register and

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Day 29 – Red Gingham and blue violets

Gingham BOWS!

Gingham BOWS!

We’ve got reds, we’ve got blues and we’ve got BOWS!!

Long ago, in a costume galaxy not so far away, I loved bows (it was the 80′s and perfectly appropriate!). My mother said she could tell which costumes I had designed when she saw the bows. There is

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Day 24 – Bastille Day!


Allons enfants de la patrie – le jour de gloire est arrive!

Bastille day!

Happy Bastille Day! This is the French Independence Day, where they commemorate the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789. This day marks the beginning of the French Revolution where the people signaled that the

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Day 21 – Sunflowers in the sun

Sunflower dishes!

Sunflower dishes!

Don’t you just love these? It’s actually a bowl and salt and pepper shakers!

Now that the weather is ‘normal’ we can eat in leisure where we like without fear of heat stroke. I still like it outside this time of year, and I think after all the

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Day 16 – Red and blue-berries and cream

Red AND blue berries!

Red AND blue berries!

It’s probably obvious by now that I REALLY like these red and blue tablecloths!

In actuality the red are probably currants, but I’m just going to think of them like cherries and go from there.

Berry breakfast

It’s still

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Day 15 – Red, white and blue!

Red roses and blue border

Roses, lillies and daisy's

Red and blue flowers galore today!

Did I mention that I love the red/blue combination? And that I had many to choose from? Here we go….

Time for breakfast

So I pull this one out of the stack and notice it’s

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