Day 252 – Poppytrail Breakfast : )

Metlox Poppytrail Mobile

Metlox Poppytrail Mobile

As promised, the fabulous Poppytrail Mobile : )

Barbara and Marshall dug out their box of Poppytrail Mobile and it was better than Christmas! So much inspiration…

Breakfast : )

I just couldn’t resist playing with the colors…

The turquoise and the purple!

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Day 239 – Happy Valentines Day!

Red hearts : )

Red hearts : )

Happy Valentine Day : )

Invite a friend to spend some time with you.

Polka dots and hearts

We’re trying to not be too cutesy, just cute enough to be appropriate without diabetes kicking in : )

Keeping things simple we

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Day 233 – Blue bricks and red ivy

Red ivy....

Red ivy….

Some day (in my copious spare time) I’m going to have to research out this ivy obsession in the 50′s. I think between Sue and I we have close to two dozen tablecloths in all kinds of color combos but the real question is WHY?? Maybe it goes along with

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Day 182 – We’re back to glitter…

What is this?

What is this?

What IS this?

This is the starting point for Sue’s genius today. She wanted to take a break from the traditional red/green Christmas and create something different so how about teal and glitter?!

Teal AND glitter!!

The “fabric” above is actually placemats! She

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Day 100 – It’s a Brady dinner!

Pretty groovy : )

Pretty groovy : )

Can you believe this print?! Can you believe it’s NEW?! This is one amazing piece of cotton I found at IKEA, of all places, just this last spring. The graphics and colors of this screamed flower-power-sixties to me, and that led me to the grooviest family I wanted

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Day 65 – Hot, hot, hot fiesta!



It’s a little warm here : ) Just a little…

This tablecloth is just full of heat – I bought it at the 127 Yard Sale on a very warm day. The biggest difference between their 96 degrees and ours is the humidity. We have almost none, theirs hovers

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Day 64 – Red bows and polka dots : ) the same time...

Both…at the same time…

After a week of almost straight blue I felt the need for red. It just so happens I was looking in one of the many drawers for something completely unrelated when I spied the corner of this. I bought this so long ago I can barely remember…but I

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