Day 178 – I’m dreaming of a pink Christmas

Lots of sparkly houses!

Lots of sparkly houses!

My youngest sister, Erica, is the pink sparkly girly-girl. If its sparkly she probably owns it : )

This is just part of her collection of Christmas houses. Many are vintage, some are new, all are adorable. I thought a *few* of them would be a

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Day 94 – Erica’s birthday!


Today is the birthday of my youngest sister, Erica. If ever there was a girly girl she is it. When she was little she was ALL about pink and glittery things. One year I gave her a tiara for her birthday because she is such a princess : )

This year

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Day 84 – The Gatsby picnic!

Gatsby Summer Afternoon

It’s picnic time!!

And let me just say that putting together this small little outdoor get-together was a LOT of work! But it paid off and we had a blast.

Food, glorious food : )

The day started off a little iffy – as we

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Day 66 – Pink Thai dinner

Green & pink grandma time!

Green & pink grandma time!

This tablecloth has literally been in my way for months. Why it hasn’t been packed away to use in the future is a mystery – this is one of those ‘cutter’ cloths that I bought for a few dollars. It’s a ‘California Hand Print’ and the person

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