Day 258 – Chartreuse & Ivy

Yes, more ivy : )

Because we said goodbye to one of our friends yesterday it seemed comforting to bring another one back.

We’ve used this cloth and couple of times before and I love the contrast of the red vines with the white border and green leaves and center

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Day 253 – Red Ivy…yes, red : )

Yes, red ivy…

I did say that we had lots of ivy-themed tablecloths : )

It does have one of my favorite color combos, the red and grey, but it also has that weird green that I need to be careful with. Don’t really want to evoke Christmas now that

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Day 233 – Blue bricks and red ivy

Red ivy….

Some day (in my copious spare time) I’m going to have to research out this ivy obsession in the 50’s. I think between Sue and I we have close to two dozen tablecloths in all kinds of color combos but the real question is WHY?? Maybe it goes along with

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Day 49 – Sunflowers and ivy

Green and yellow…

I was torn about the inspiration today, I had two really…

and sunflowers : )

I love the ivy on this cloth, the graphic is bold and cheerful so when I was sorting through the dishes I thought it needed something equally bold and cheerful and

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Day 26 – Ivy for the book club

Ivy on a fence!

Ivy seems to be a close second in themes right now. This one has a quiet charm to it, quite a change from the reds and blues of the past few days. It also came with matching napkins – a we should all know by now how much

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Day 22 – Ivy with green glass

The ivy…

We start with ivy…the colors of this cloth are stunning. They did well in their color choices and the inks have survived really well all these years. Now to add the glass…

and the glass!

The glass in this case is all depression, and as the perfect

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