Day 100 – It’s a Brady dinner!

Pretty groovy : )

Pretty groovy : )

Can you believe this print?! Can you believe it’s NEW?! This is one amazing piece of cotton I found at IKEA, of all places, just this last spring. The graphics and colors of this screamed flower-power-sixties to me, and that led me to the grooviest family I wanted

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Day 86 – Sunflowers and Refrigerator-ware Part Deux


Haven’t played with red, blue and yellow for a while, and the sunflowers still look amazing. Before we slide into fall I thought it would be nice for a little more summer : )

Dinner at dusk

I’m almost sure I found this tablecloth on ebay. SO much good stuff

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Day 81 – Back to school

Wake up!

Wake up!

This is the cutest chicken cloth – chickens and roosters and schoolhouses, from the wondrous Nadine at the Alameda Flea Market.

It seemed fitting to celebrate the first week back to school!

It has cooled down a bit but still nicely warm. Time to put feet

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Day 61 – Birthday tea party

VIntage napkins

Vintage napkins

What better way to celebrate a 5 year olds birthday than with something vintage!

This is the corner of a set of napkins that my grandmother used with my mom when she was ONE, that my sisters and I grew up using for special occasions and now my

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Day 60 – Breakfast with April


Blue…so it must be Sue?

We have here a blue tablecloth…it must be Sue’s right?

Why no, as a matter of fact! It’s mine. Another of my April Cornell purchases MANY moons ago…

Once upon a time I read that the blue/yellow combination was the most popular duo

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Day 57 – Escher fish dinner

Fish and waves

Fish and waves

Look carefully – this one is like an Escher print. There are small white fish around the top of the border print, they point to the tails of some angel fish, which ride the waves, which are bordered by green angel fish around the outside edge.


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Day 55 – Challenge #1


Challenge # 1

I received a challenge from my friend Angie to do something with this tablecloth.

At first glance its just NOT my thing – delicate little flowers, delicate blues, very grandma-ish and then there is that harvest gold border…

I was fully design conscious in the

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