Day 74 – Strawberry Fields



It’s still summer here in California – its in the 90′s right now! The strawberries looked so good at the store that they were the influence today.

Besides, I get to play with red and green : )Even though we hit the low 90′s it cools off pretty quick when

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Day 70 – Nasturtium Lunch

Hot colors for a hot day

Hot colors for a hot day

I so loved the flowers from yesterday that I HAD to pair them with something else and this little gem is just a random napkin. Nadine from the Alameda Flea Market had a basket of napkins, mostly singles, and I pounced on this

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Day 68 – Dinner with Calder

Calder - esque

Calder – esque

Isn’t this amazing? I found this with the equally amazing Nadine at the Alameda Flea Market a couple of years ago. It reminded me of a Calder mobile:


When I was little we loved going to Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. We would have dinner

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Day 64 – Red bows and polka dots : ) the same time...

Both…at the same time…

After a week of almost straight blue I felt the need for red. It just so happens I was looking in one of the many drawers for something completely unrelated when I spied the corner of this. I bought this so long ago I can barely remember…but I

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Day 53 – Red, lime and blue!

Look familiar ?

Look familiar ?

If you think you’ve seen this before, you have! Or at least a version of this print…

(Look at day 17)

Goes to show that what you like once, you like again and again : ) We’re consistent, you’ve got to hand that to us!This

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