Day 23 – RW&B cupcakes!



I did say that all kinds of things inspire us. Went downtown to get cat food, came back with cupcakes for people!

I still have quite a few red, white and blue tabelclothes and when I saw these happy creations in the store window I HAD to.Life is uncertain,

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Day 14 – *Fourth of July*



Happy Fourth!

This is one of my favorite holidays. Love the reds, the blues, the berries and the fireworks. For now, I’m loving the cupcakes, fruit and ice cream this table promises : )

Red and blue galore!

I pulled out my mom’s red-checked table cloth

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Day 11 – Oh Canada!

The Maple Leaf

The Maple Leaf

It’s Canada Day!

This is dedicated to all the amazing Canadian friends I’ve come to know, especially Christa and Trevor : )

I borrowed this little guy from Trevor:

It's a beaver…


It’s a beaver, dressed like a Mountie.

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