Day 255 – Scones and roses

Blue, yes blue, roses

Blue, yes blue, roses

Blue roses…

I bought this cloth in a big bundle from a very nice lady at the Alameda Flea market last month. I wasn’t sure I wanted it, although its in pretty good condition, but Angie talked me into it : )

I decided

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Day 94 – Erica’s birthday!


Today is the birthday of my youngest sister, Erica. If ever there was a girly girl she is it. When she was little she was ALL about pink and glittery things. One year I gave her a tiara for her birthday because she is such a princess : )

This year

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Day 77 – An outdoor bed…yes!!

Pretty violets : )

Pretty violets : )

It started out so simply. This delightful cup and saucer with the violets was a present from my friend Caolifhionne (for those of you who don’t speak Gaelic just say Kee-lyn and you’re good). It has a small plate perfect for a scone or croissant so it seemed

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