Day 54 – Cherry breakfast

Cherries : )

Cherries : )

It’s still happy summer time, the weather is great, the mornings clear and I’m hungry.

A cheery cherry table

I can spot a cherry item at 50 paces…I’ve been known to zoom in on something cherry from a full aisle away at the flea market. Sue

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Day 35 – Philodendron dinner



This stunner, from the 1940′s, has THE biggest, boldest leaf print of any in my collection. Of course, it was the red that caught my eye but the grey leaves that had me saying “Ohhhhh….”

And it came with napkin friends : )

Red…lots of red…

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Day 14 – *Fourth of July*



Happy Fourth!

This is one of my favorite holidays. Love the reds, the blues, the berries and the fireworks. For now, I’m loving the cupcakes, fruit and ice cream this table promises : )

Red and blue galore!

I pulled out my mom’s red-checked table cloth

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