Day 40 – Cherries jubilee



Cherries! and red!! and they make a heart shape!

This is a fairly recent ebay find (thanks Karen Elaine!)- amazing what you get when you type in ‘vintage red tablecloth’. It’s got two of my favorite things going for it, red and cherries : ) I really like

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Day 30 – Lunch blues

Turquoise and gold swirls : )

Turquoise and gold swirls : )

When I bought this cloth on ebay it was described as “Turquoise with gold cherries”. Well….cherries! In gold no less. It just HAD to come live with me. When it arrived I looked at the print closely and decided it was more like ‘peaches’ rather

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Day 25 – Red Ribbons & Roses

The roses

The roses…

When I unfolded this tablecloth from the pile and saw not only the red and blue border but…

…and the ribbons!

the ribbons and swirls in the center, it all made me smile : )

We’ve got my favorite red, my favorite blue AND a

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Day 4 – Geraniums, quail and weird greens

Quail and green teapot


Quail and green teapot

I found this teapot in a clearance section of a thrift store. The shape was intriguing and the color, completely different than anything I have in my collection. Nothing went with it and I wondered if I would EVER be able to find any sort of cup

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