Day 240 – Peaches, pears, grapes & plums

As promised : )

As promised : )

After a week of pink and/or red I thought a break was in order!

This is one of my latest finds from the Alameda Flea market. In very good condition, and with six napkin friends, it’s one of the biggest cloths I’ve ever found. I think

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Day 136 – Fans galore

Pretty and delicate

Pretty and delicate

Still feeling the desire for quiet and calm I pulled this small cloth out. It was a purchase from Nadine, complete with the pink-edged napkins. My mind started to wander over what I knew about fans which was surprisingly little. I was very pleased, when I typed ‘fans’ into

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Day 120 – The calm before the Halloween storm

If it's blue...

If it's blue…

It must be Sue’s and it is, a favorite to boot. What better way to spend the last remaining hours until we plunge headlong into our thirteen days of Halloween fun?!

But for now, the calm. The serene combination of blue, grey and white. SHhhhhhhh……..


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Day 75 – A quiet classical breakfast


I just found this on ebay – loved it not only for its blue/grey simplicity but also for its balance of design. It also reminds me of something classically Greek which I tend to like for it’s symmetry and balance.

Wow…sounds like school started!

Before the goodies

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Day 60 – Breakfast with April


Blue…so it must be Sue?

We have here a blue tablecloth…it must be Sue’s right?

Why no, as a matter of fact! It’s mine. Another of my April Cornell purchases MANY moons ago…

Once upon a time I read that the blue/yellow combination was the most popular duo

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Day 55 – Challenge #1


Challenge # 1

I received a challenge from my friend Angie to do something with this tablecloth.

At first glance its just NOT my thing – delicate little flowers, delicate blues, very grandma-ish and then there is that harvest gold border…

I was fully design conscious in the

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Day 50 – It’s a tablecloth, it’s a quilt!

It's both!!

It's both!!

First item featured from the 127 Yardsale : )

I found this on a table full of partially finished quilts in a large covered Agricultural Arena somewhere in the middle of Tennessee. My mom ended up buying it and I’ve borrowed it for the day. If anything

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