Day 52 – Burgundy acorns


Burgundy AND acorns!

If the print of this cloth looks familiar…its because its the same print as the Lance Armstrong table setting!

Today in 1973 “American Graffiti” was released so this is my version of 50′s diner-ware, only on my deck : ) To me, one of the quintessential color

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Day 49 – Sunflowers and ivy


Green and yellow…

I was torn about the inspiration today, I had two really…

and sunflowers : )

I love the ivy on this cloth, the graphic is bold and cheerful so when I was sorting through the dishes I thought it needed something equally bold and cheerful and

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Day 44 – The 127 Yard Sale!


The Longest Yard Sale!

What do we have here?

It’s a map…a treasure map…we’re off to the Longest Yard Sale!! The sale itself starts in Gasden, Alabama (August 4-7 this year) goes up through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and in to Michigan. My mom and I are flying into Nashville,

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Day 36 – Abutilon tea

Bright and different!

Bright and different!

Today’s inspiration comes courtesy of the ladies of Q-13 at the Alameda Flea Market!

These are the same vendors that had the tablecloth featured in day 33. This cloth was actually on one of their tables under their ‘stuff’. I saw an edge peeking out and was

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Day 29 – Red Gingham and blue violets

Gingham BOWS!

Gingham BOWS!

We’ve got reds, we’ve got blues and we’ve got BOWS!!

Long ago, in a costume galaxy not so far away, I loved bows (it was the 80′s and perfectly appropriate!). My mother said she could tell which costumes I had designed when she saw the bows. There is

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Day 15 – Red, white and blue!

Red roses and blue border

Roses, lillies and daisy's

Red and blue flowers galore today!

Did I mention that I love the red/blue combination? And that I had many to choose from? Here we go….

Time for breakfast

So I pull this one out of the stack and notice it’s

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