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Our Final Challenge!

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Inspired by the permanent exhibit “The Dinner Party” by Judy Chicago at the Brooklyn Museum, we would like to invite our friends and fans to participate in our final tablesetting.

Here’s how we hope it will work –

First, go to the Brooklyn Museum website to check out the installation –

Broolyn Museum: The Dinner Party

Pick a person (or persons) who have inspired YOUR life somehow. While the Judy Chicago exhibit focuses on Women in History, you can choose anyone you like – a relative, friend, just an awesome person whose philosophy or work made a fundamental difference in your life.

Choose your ‘canvas’ –find a plate or bowl, mug, glass, whatever suits your style and decorate it to honor that person. It can be as simple as a plate OR you can go crazy and do an entire place setting! The limits are only that you do ONE place setting for now – that would be a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl and a glass and mug/tea cup. You’ve seen what we do with our placesettings, that’s the idea : ) You can also make a placemat or small tablecloth that this would sit on because…

At the end of our year, June 20 to be exact, we will do a final BIG post that shows off ALL your work! We’re hoping to get 2-3 dozen placesettings, more would be GREAT and WELCOME!! Depending on the volume, we may do one big post OR do a post a day to honor each participant. What we would REALLY like to do is be able to set long tables like the Judy Chicago exhibit and have a gallery-style showing in a public venue. Everyone is invited to attend and we may even look into Skypeing the event for those who live too far away.

I love check lists so here is your checklist of things to do to participate:

[ ]  Check out the Brooklyn Museum website.

[ ]  Choose your Inspirational Person.

[ ]  Get your ‘canvas’ and keep in mind you can use almost anything! We will NOT be putting real food on them so you don’t need to worry about wear and tear. I see good basic plates all the time at Goodwill and Salvation Army. You can also pick up very inexpensive items at Target and Walmart. Use any type of medium you like; paints, collage, clay etc. Don’t limit yourself!

[ ]  Do your tablesetting!! Don’t forget the details : )

[ ]  Write your story – tell us who you chose and why. Make it 200-500 words, enough to be interesting, keep us entertained and awed.

[ ]  Put everything in box and ship it to us! We need your items by June 1, 2012 OR we need a picture and a description so we reserve you a place! If we are to get a public venue we’re going to need to know how many tables needed to accommodate everything.

Once we receive your art we will start arranging and photographing! Your items are YOURS, we will return them to you when we’re done. We have tentative plans to do a catalog and give one to each participant so they can see everyone else’s creations and read their stories.

Questions? I’m sure there will be some. You can email us below.

Tell your friends and family members, we would LOVE to get people from all over the world involved! I will post regular updates here and on our Facebook page. Let’s make this colorful, fun and most of all, a celebration!