Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

In case you haven’t noticed, for the last 6 months we’ve been “absent” from this site, not because we weren’t going to update anything ever again but rather because I was a Sew Weekly contributor. What that means is for the last 12 months I have been sewing along to each weekly theme,  taking photos of ME in MY stuff and then blogging about the process.

Both Sue and I have plans to keep buying and sharing “stuff” : ) My mother, on our monthly trips to the Alameda Flea market, routinely says “Why are you looking at tablecloths? You must own close to 300 AND you’re not doing the blog any more!”

Yes, it’s true, we did our year but that doesn’t mean we just stopped looking and buying. We’re just pickier : )

So now that I’m not sewing a new piece/outift every week we’re going to showcase some of our latest acquisitions.  It won’t be a new one each day, we’re going to try for once a week. We’ll also be highlighting collections of old and new friends. If you have something you’d like to submit for a post please let us know!

Today’s post is a re-post of the final Sew Weekly challenge. The theme was “holiday” and I wanted to use a purse from the collection of a friend and fellow costumer who died earlier this year:

That much gold just screams “Holiday!” doesn’t it? I made a dress in a gold and ivory brocade as well as a gold satin coat to complete the ensemble.  You can read the entire post here.

My original idea was to do this photoshoot using a friends 1966 gold convertible Cadillac but with the holiday season nuttiness we weren’t able to connect by the deadline. Don’t worry, we have plans to do the shoot soon but for the moment I had to think of some way to show off the dress in an appropriate setting.

I pulled out the scraps of the dress fabric and used the biggest piece for a runner down the center of the table. The candlesticks were found at World Market (formerly Cost Plus) on sale after some holiday last year, and the chargers under the plates were originally seen during Mardi Gras.

The dinner plates are my basic white with the gold band and the salad plates are the monogrammed set we found at the thrift store in Rockridge for the Miss Havisham tablesetting at Halloween.

Silverware is Chantilly by Gorham, wine glasses are IKEA and the gold striped glasses were a thrift store find for the Fifth day of Christmas (5 Golden Rings) almost a year ago : ) I stripped the Christmas tree of all gold and silver ornaments to fill basic vases for all that sparkle! For a last minute save I think this worked out pretty well : )

Here’s the whole ensemble – dress, coat and bag with pretty table : ) If you check out the full post you can see the photo that was chicken-bombed…

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