Day 365 – Bamboo!

Another stunner from Nadine, my mom decided she couldn’t live without it and I wholeheartedly agree! It is beautiful linen, in fabulous shape and is huge. My mom has an octagonal dining room table that almost nothing fits on well. This one not only fits but you can see more of the pattern than you can on my table : )

There are TWO “borders” on this cloth! The inner border just fits on my table top, the outer one flows over the edge. Shamrock green Fiesta is perfect for the starter, followed by modern yellow and chartreuse. Paprika berrybowls and salt & pepper shakers pick up the brown of the bamboo. Linen napkins (from Nadine!) and french ivory silverware frame the plates.

The casserole dish is from the Magnolia line, it actually photographed a lot more to the yellow tones than in looked in the real world. I don’t mind the magnolias, the green leaves play pretty well along with the cloth.

The glassware is Bamboo by Noritake. I have about 120 pieces that I found at Salvation Army in one trip. They had probably been someone’s grandmother’s collection, kept somewhere where they picked up a good film of grease and dust. It took us an hour just to wrap and pack them at the store, another 4 hours to unwrap and clean and a week to figure out what cabinet to empty! I have at least 8 of the pilsners, wine glasses, tom collins, martini, brandy snifters, dessert cups, seafood servers WITH liners, and on and on. Now that we’ve used them a few times I’m going to put a good part of the collection on ebay.

When I bought the gladiola’s I really wanted those green ones, but Trader Joe’s had bundled some red in that I just set aside. As I photographed the table I realized the paprika dishes were pretty close to the scarlet, and how would scarlet look?

As SOON as the red hit the table the cats were RIGHT THERE. Chunk and Stuart both came RUNNING. Granted, the table looks pretty good but I’m trying to figure out what they were after!

The brown is subtle, the red is in your face, you decide. Personally, I like the red : )

Tomorrow is our “last” day…but we aren’t going away!

We will be taking a little break, cleaning up the rotating piles of dishes and organizing a years worth of accumulations. There are plans to keep going but doing a posting or two a week and doing “larger” settings. We haven’t had the luxury of time or budget to do things like parties and floral arrangements like we’d like. We have been offered two cars to do picnic’s with that really MUST be used. And in the last year we’ve seen collections of “stuff” that people should really see and appreciate.

This is still a fabulous learning experience and we intend to keep learnin’! We’ll be featuring what’s going on in our gardens (maybe more of Sue’s garden since she’s got the serious farm girl thing going!) and do more lifestyle posts. If there’s something you want to see, just drop us a line : )

Tomorrow – A Jubilee tea!

One, one, ONE day to go!!!!

2 comments to Day 365 – Bamboo!

  • I instantly saw the yellow Magnolia dish — I have most of a set of the chartreuse. I have that dish with the gray base. It is lovely with your setting!!

  • Katie

    Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful posts. I found this site a few months ago through the Sew Weekly and it’s been a bright spot in my day ever since. As a fellow tableware collector, it’s been so much fun to see your great pieces and the creativity with which you put them together. I’ll miss the daily posts, but was happy to read that you plan to continue in some form. Thanks again for your generosity in letting us enjoy your fabulous collections!

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