Day 364 – The Alice in Wonderland tea party

This is the final cloth from Miss Angie, one she bought at the Pleasanton Flea market last year. I love the fact that it’s card table size, for playing cards with the images of cards : ) From the snippy Queen of Hearts…

…to the King and White Rabbit…

…to the card characters in the corners, there is enough cuteness for everyone!

How to have fun with your kids (or friends)-

1. Find a cute cloth (or create one!).

2. Throw it on a table, pull up a couple of chairs.

3. Throw on as MUCH fun stuff as you can stand, then throw on a few more pieces : )

4. Add a small collection of cookies and a Princess cake, brew some tea and grab a hat.

5. Enjoy!

The scarlet and cobalt Fiesta plates are modern, the yellow vintage. The small heart shaped bowls came from the dollar section at Target some years ago and the glasses are part of my mom’s 100+ piece collection.

The cookies and fabulous Princess cake came from Grace Baking in Oakland and taste even better than they look! Mix it up, mix up the sizes, drink out of a kids cup if you’re a grown-up and give the kids the BIG cups. Make sure to wear a hat and use a tiny spoon. Smile, laugh and forget about the real world for a while : )

Tomorrow – Bamboo!

Two, two,  TWO days to go!!!

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