Day 363 – Father’s Day

I’m not sure why this print makes me think of my dad, but it does : ) His favorite colors are blue and black (at least to wear) and I think of my parents having that groovy late 50’s/early 60’s vibe since that’s what my earliest memories conjure up.

Me and my Dad : )

 This is me, in the baby seat on the table, and my dad. Check out the cool wire shelf unit on the left side, the built ins behind us and the floor! I was 5 months old here and my dad, in typical dad fashion, has newspapers spread out and his soldering iron, working on some electronic project. To this DAY he can be found with newspapers spread out on the table, soldering some project, wearing much the same style clothing and haircut! He was 25 here and working on his Phd at Cal Tech. I have very few pictures of me and my dad because he was usually the one taking the pictures.

Today, we’re having an EARLY breakfast before my daughter and I head to the Pirate Festival in Vallejo (dad declined going) and then taking our Father’s day present to him : ) And if anyone reading this knows my dad, don’t call him and tell him “cool present!” until this afternoon…we won’t get there before then!

My dad isn’t the typical dad in many ways. He didn’t do sports with us because he just didn’t do sports : ) He did, however, teach us the value of art AND science and I remember being pretty young when I decided that being pretty wasn’t the be all and end all of the planet. I was probably not going to be some great beauty, BUT ( and this is a big but) I could be SMART. I could be one of the smartest kids in the class and at 8 years of age I knew that would serve me better than being one of the prettiest.

So we’re eating at a “smart” table today. No flowers, no “girly” stuff here, and the tomatos? My dad’s favorite fruit : )

Black plates make the foundation of our “smart” table, then comes periwinkle and cobalt blues. My vintage grey plaid tops the stack leaving no room for “girly” dishes!

I borrowed one of his favorite mugs for today:

My mom found this at the Alameda Flea market and it HAD to come home with her!

The OTHER item that we found at a flea market that had to come home with us are the tall glasses on the table, the ones with the interesting symbols on them:

I found a set of 6 of these in Pleasanton the same trip my mom scored on the ivy dishes. What makes them so special is Vallecitos was the facility my dad worked at most of his career, and he worked around that reactor : ) Why these glasses were made we don’t know but when I saw them I was speechless, absolutely HAD HAD HAD to have them! I mean, seriously…

And yes, there is real milk in that glass so you can see the design and yes, that’s Stuart’s little face : )

The OTHER cool thing on this table is the mug at the other placesetting:

This was from my mother’s father, Swen. He was a Lockheed engineer and worked with airplanes. This mug was given to him, and another to my grandmother, after his trip to the Antarctic in 1957-1958 IGY (International Geophysical Year). He was Lockheed’s representative to the US Navy, the lead engineer on a project to design the JATO bottles or Jet Assisted Take Off bottles. It’s what gives planes the boost of power they need to take off from things like glaciers in extreme weather conditions and they’re still used today. He had the original blueprints with him of the C-140 aircraft to assist with their mission. It’s pretty cool to say you have a family member who actually WORKED in the Antarctic : )

The group he worked with had these mugs designed and made especially for him. When I borrowed it from my mother you would have thought I was taking a new born baby from her care, it is one of her Most Prized Items. This is another:

This is my grandfather standing at EXACTLY at the South Pole. That’s it, the very bottom of the planet, doesn’t get any more South than that : )

Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there! Whether you’re here or in our memories I thank you for being there and doing the hardest job on the planet, being a parent.

This is dedicated to my dad, and for my mom to her dad. I love you guys and thank you.

THREE days to go!!!

3 comments to Day 363 – Father’s Day

  • Kathy

    Thank you Loran for showing my Dad’s mug and his photo. He used to ask people “I have a question to ask you. If you were to take a few steps left and then right which direction would you be going? North, of course.” Then he’d laugh. Any steps away from the absolute Southpole would indeed be walking North. That was a true adventure and it was extremely difficult, in more than one way. I miss him terribly and have that same photo and my Mom’s mug as a reminder of him. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

  • Sarah-
    Thank you : ) And guess what? In two days we AREN’T going away, we’re just going to alter what we do and when!

  • Dear Loran,
    Thank you for the Smart Girl endorsement. It is a challenge to pass this on to our daughters without slipping propaganda into their backpacks or forbidding them to wear nail polish. I love how you did it, almost as much as I love your tables!! I will sorely miss your blog in 2 days. Love and respect, Sarah Durling

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