Day 362 – EARLY geranium breakfast

We are up EARLY today, going on a mini-vacation! The current Sew Weekly challenge is to make something you’d wear on vacation so we’re off to Napa for a mother-daughter day : )

It is also expected to hit 105 degrees. Fahrenheit. One hundred and five.

One July many years ago, Angie and I were working on a show for Napa Valley Shakespeare which performed at the Rutherford Vineyard. Beautiful site, very nice people but that week it was over 100 and we were sewing in the dirt (it was a vineyard after all). The best part of the job was after dark, the show would start, the director was happy and the bats came out so we’d lay back on the grass and watch the bats zip through the night sky. That part was very cool, the sewing in the dirt in 100+ degrees was NOT cool : )

So at least I guess we could say we’ll be glad we’re not sewing in the dirt this weekend! Instead, we’ll start with breakfast here:

I’m back to my favorite red!

This isn’t a tablelcloth, it’s actually two runners. I’m a big fan of geraniums, I’m actually contemplating planting a large patch of them in my front yard since they grow well here. I just have to figure out a way to keep them and the deer separated.

I used my basic white cotton tablecloth for the base and let the ends hang down. Sometimes its easier to find the runners than the cloths and generally they’re in better shape since they weren’t used as much.

I started with the shamrock Fiesta to mimic the leaves, piled on scarlet next and then my vintage 40’s glass plate and fruit cup set. Originally I couldn’t see the details of the painted glass edges so I pulled out a white Fiesta salad plate. I was a little worried I’d be channeling the Mexican/Italian flag but this worked out well. Hobnail glasses, vintage glass salt & pepper shakers with red tops in their holder and bakelite silverware make this one happy table!

Stuart decided this was THE place to be and there was no moving him.

The bonus about geraniums? Cats don’t want to eat them : )

Can you BELIEVE IT?? ONLY FOUR days to go!!!

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