Day 361 – Chickens at breakfast

It was our intent to use everything we owned at some point this year and I am sad to say we haven’t achieved that…yet…

Today I was able to bring two items together because of a $6 find at the last minute : )

The first element:

Believe it or not this is a card table cloth set with 4 napkins that I saw at the Alameda Flea market on the half off table right by the front gate. I liked the happy polka dots and the clever napkin holders and it has NEVER been used! The rusted pins were still in place as well as the paper liner. The cloth is a basic muslin and my guess is that if and when I wash it it’s going to shrink considerably. I just hope the polka dot edging doesn’t run : )

The second element:

A chicken PITCHER! The tail is the handle and when you pour the liquid comes out of the beak : ) Based on a classic Italian design it’s not a gross as it sounds…really.

And it all came together here:

The cloth is small, you can see the border just over the edge of the table. I didn’t keep the napkins in their “holders” since they are now at the corners and that seemed silly.

Those chicken dishes are new to me, I had stopped by Salvation Army looking for something completely unrelated to dishes and there they were. The gentleman doing the clean-out and restocking said he was bundling the cup, saucer and bread plate for $4  and with the 25% off sale happening that made each set $3. My guess is that they’re from the 50’s but they could be 70’s from the colors. It doesn’t matter, I think they’re adorable : )

I did finally find some burgundy plates at Goodwill and they go perfectly with my now-burgundy bakelite silverware. The marigold glasses happily match the modern yellow Fiesta plate which just as happily sets off the new chicken plates. The inside of the cups match the paprika Fiesta almost as if they were made for each other so the paprika salt & pepper shakers joined us.

Only a few days left…

FIVE days to go!!!

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