Day 360 – Back to Australia!

This would have been a fine addition to our “Round the World” week but I didn’t own it at that time : )

This was a very recent find at the Alameda Flea market. In amongst a pile of white cloths and delicate embroidery this certainly caught my attention. And like the Hawaii cloth of a few days ago you can eat AND learn at the same time!

Isn’t this amazing?! I don’t know anything about Australian textiles so I couldn’t tell you if this is current, 10 years old or 30 years old. I LOVE the graphic border AND the gigantic map decorated with the native species and it’s a lovely heavy linen. My mother has a small linen tea towel collection from Australia and her Koala cloth is similarly colored, makes me think this could be late 70’s or early 80’s.

Keeping with the color palette I’ve pulled out vintage turquoise and radioactive red Fiesta. The yellow berry bowls are modern sunflower and one of my favorite glass sets came back!

While the tall turquoise glasses are certainly cool the small orange and turquoise juice glasses are really fabulous! AND if you look just to the left of the round orange candlestick you can see the kangaroo salt & pepper shaker set we used for Australia Day.

The white ‘blobs’ in the yellow bowls are the bases to Pavlova desserts. When I stopped by Grace Baking to pick up some of their treats I found out they only make Pavlova’s on weekends : ( I was going to add berries to the above meringue’s but as I started to set the table a certain Ashton kitty hopped up and took a nap right in the center. By the time I finished putting the table together he had had his nap, kicked off some silverware and hopped down : ) It was late by that time and I was tired so we have plain meringue’s instead of Pavlovas.

Snakes, lizards, birds and kangaroos decorate the border. On one side it says “Designed in Australia” and the other side of the border says “K.A.P. Melbourne”. If any of my Australian readers know anything at all about this cloth I would love to hear from you : )

We’ve less than a week to go…it’s quite exciting!

SIX days to go!!!

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