Day 359 – Yellow flowers and blue butterflies

This is, surprisingly, one from Angie’s collection, and its not pink!

This is TINY, for a card table and the only way I could get it on my table and have it look nice was to put it over a plain white cloth. It’s also a rectangle so there was some problem-solving in the heat : )

LOTS of greens and yellows – from the modern turquoise Fiesta plates followed by modern yellow, seamist green and my favorite IKEA bowls.

The disc pitcher and creamer are modern turquoise Fiesta, the mugs modern yellow and the pitcher/vase the daisies and mums are in is the funky thrift store find my mom helped me with when I broke my foot last summer. One of these days I’ll take a picture of the graphic on the other side : )

Stuart insisted on getting on the table and he had an ulterior motive. Apparently daisies are in the same category as roses, so there had to be a quick rescue before the entire table was drenched : )

Then he insisted on crawling up onto my shoulder even though it was in the 90’s outside. Kitties…

Tomorrow – Back to Australia!

SEVEN days to go!! One week!!!

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