Day 356 – Breakfast in Hawaii!

The weather is predicted to be in the low 90’s here today, and right now it is PERFECT. The breezes may not be tropical or smell like the ocean but it’s pretty good outside all thing considered : )

This cloth came from one of our favorite sellers at the Alameda Flea market, a woman that has tables and tables of “stuff” and is willing to deal. My mom bought her 100+ pieces of floral glassware from her and I bought most of my refrigeratorware from her as well.

It seemed only natural to use the aforementioned glassware today, especially since it matches!

And just because it really IS breakfast time there is real food!

There are also real cats : ) You can just see Ashton in the top left corner, sitting in the window, the picture of innocence.

Against a sea of scarlet, navy and shamrock Fiesta we have sunflower berry bowl full of … berries! The vintage floral glasses hold milk and juice.

Stuart was more interested in the juice than the milk.

You can eat and learn with this cloth – the designer has nicely put in locations as well as crops raised, hunting spots and my personal favorite, the miles between towns, islands and cities. Just like the sign in “M*A*S*H” that pointed in the directions of different destinations you can see that it is 157 miles between Honolulu and Kailua on the Kona Coast and 5005 miles to Hong Kong : )

Or that Mauna Loa is 13,675 feet high and Mauna Kea is 13, 805 feet high. Personally I’d rather learn my geography this way than out of a book, especially if there is food involved.

Poor Stuart, its almost as if he knows what the weather is going to be like today. He’s already clingy and cranky and after he wasn’t allowed to drink out of the glasses, he’s had it with the whole picture taking process : )

I’ll have to see if there are any shrimp in the freezer to win him over.

10…count them TEN days to go!!

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