Day 355 – A Fuchsia breakfast

This is the last pink cloth from Angie’s grandmother, completing a trifecta of pinks : )

On this, our second to last Saturday breakfast, we’re contemplating what to do after our year ends. I’m seeing some cool changes ahead…

While we plot and plan we get to eat here! Rose Fiesta is perfect for the fuchsias. The original rose Fiesta, produced  from 1951-59, was much paler in comparison, this table wouldn’t have nearly this pretty with the vintage dishes. I *almost* scored a sizable collection from a now-defunct Chinese restaurant some years ago. When I realized what they were giving us our checks on I asked if they would consider trading it for new Fiesta. They had no idea what they had and didn’t care about it, they only knew they had stacks of it in the back. They had inherited it from the previous incarnation and who knew how long it had been there. I remembered the restaurant in that location when I was growing up was called the New York Delicatessen but no memory of pink dishes.

  The owners shrugged their shoulders and said sure, if I wanted to bring them some basic white dishware that would match their others they had no problem with it. I set out to get basic plates and bowls only to see, one week later, the restaurant closed down. When it finally re-opened as yet another Chinese restaurant there was no trace of my vintage pink Fiesta dishes : (  Life goes on.

The green salad plate is the funky green set I found in the clearance section at Target last year and the small square plate and salt & pepper shakers are part of the Magnolia set I inherited. For a touch of sparkle I pulled out my “cut” glass water glasses (most likely from the era of the cloth) and my green leaf mugs. The napkins are from MY grandmother and I really wanted to use them on the mum brunch table a couple of days ago but I couldn’t find them. Turned out they were in my sewing room so they get to play today : )

We’re almost into the single digits as far as how many days left to go…how exciting!

Tomorrow - Breakfast in Hawaii!

11 days to go!!

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