Day 354 – A Korowa tea

When I first spied this placemat and napkin set in amongst the delights Nadine had to offer, my mother said “Why on earth would you want something like that?” After all, there’s only two of each and they aren’t a favorite color combo. Then I remembered some tea dishes my sister has had for 30 years and KNEW I had to get them!

School logo

Many, many years ago my sisters best friend and her entire family moved to Melbourne, Australia. My mother and the friends mother got together a thought it would be a fabulous learning experience for my sister to live with them for a year and go to school “down under” so that’s what they did. She lived with her best friends family and went to the Korowa Girl’s school for a year. They had, I am sorry to say, the ugliest uniform I’d seen outside of my junior high and high school PE uniform along with the worlds ugliest shoes ever that were required wear. Somewhere along the way my mother thought my sister should buy 4 sets of the school china to keep for posterity and memories so that’s what they did.

And keep them she did : )

Because my sister is such a pink fan, and because the logo is in burgundy I just HAD to get these things together!

You can see the school logo on the plate, small bowl and cup. It’s on the saucer as well, just not viewable at this angle.

I am quite pleased that I was able to put something from the 50′s with something from the early 80′s together, I hope she likes it since it will be packed in the box with the dishes when I return them to her : )

I am also pleased to note that when I looked at the Korowa website they have improved their uniforms and their motto of “I Can I Will” is everywhere. That would fit in nicely with my college motto “Remember who you are and what you represent.”

Tomorrow – A Fuchsia breakfast

12 days to go!!


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