Day 353 – Chrysanthemum Brunch

Angie’s grandma loved pink and this is another from her closets : ) This style reminds me of cloths I saw in the 60’s at friend’s of my parents houses, it’s not quite my “thing” but I’m up for the challenge!

Once again I looked and looked for either pink or white mums, even pink carnations…nothing. The closest to anything pink I found were the peony’s so we have peony’s today.

When I started collecting Fiesta years ago some friends and family members made fun of my love of the rose to the point that I stopped buying pieces. Now, when faced with these pink cloths I don’t have the selection of pieces that I do in other colors : ) Thank goodness for odd collections we find at the flea market that someone really doesn’t want to pack up and take back home with them!

Pearl grey and rose Fiesta make a base for the Harkerware Pottery. That is the collection we found at the flea market, so many pieces for so little money : ) The pink interior is set off with the grey exterior and is officially called “Shell Pink”. Harker pottery made four color combinations in about 30 different pieces “primarily in the 1950’s”. I’ll let you figure out what that means : )

Less than 2 weeks to go…

Tomorrow – A Korowa tea

13 days to go!!

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