Day 339 – Berries and leaves


We’re coming to the end of the year and the bottom of the piles of cloths : )

This pretty thing is another modern cloth channeling vintage charm and most likely from the Crate & Barrel outlet many, many years ago. I thought it would make a wonderful

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Day 338 – Red thistles & roses


Both Sue and I were drawn to this design and have since we discovered we have it in not two but THREE different color combos! I have the red and purple and she has the yellow. I used the purple on day 205 and we have plans to use the yellow version

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Day 337 – Fruit Salad


Believe it or not this is modern! I found it at the Crate & Barrel outlet about the time they had the cherry glasses so NATURALLY they all came to live with me.

We have a veritable fruit salad mix of colors! From the blue

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Day 336 – More Irises : )


We ran into Nadine at the last Alameda Flea market and this is one of our “finds”! I have an entire Iris section in my closet now and I can’t believe I actually debated about buying this sweet runner/place mat set.

I bought Irises just

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Day 335 – A Rose brunch


Roses, roses, roses…

This post almost didn’t happen : )

You can’t tell but the tablecloth is soaking wet, the roses have hit the floor twice and the entire table was caught just before it crashed onto the patio. Why?


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Day 334 – The California Poppy


Nadine tells me this is “California Poppy” by Wilendur. I don’t doubt it’s a poppy, I just question someone’s version of the California poppy! This is what I know as our state flower:

But I do know there is a yellow version of the poppy

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Day 333 – Polka Dot Tea Celebration!!

Polka dots!!

Polka dots!!

Today we’re having a little celebration : )

Today is day 333 with 33 days to go so why not! And there might be cake….

I recently found this fabric at Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley and since my sister has THE

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