Day 346 – Pride of Flanders goes to Mexico

Vibrant, bold, vintage AND Wilendur!

A recent purchase from Nadine, I couldn’t resist this little set of placemats and napkins. The “Pride of Flanders” line by Weil and Dursse refers to cloths ” made of fine European linen, primarily from Belgium. When importing products from Europe became difficult during the run-up to World War II, the company shifted to a heavy cotton or sailcloth fabric, and in 1938 introduced Wilendur tablecloths.” (Thank you Lynda Kolski on Worthpoint)

For their age they are in remarkably good shape, there is a small stain on the upper corner of one cloth but that’s it. The extra bonus is in the colors:

Each one is the same print but different color combination! To keep each one unique different colored dishes were used -

The green and yellow fiesta is vintage and two of the original five colors produced. The bakelite silverware and frosted yellow glass is vintage but the scarlet (may favorite!) is modern.

The OTHER side of the table is the brown/orange/yellow combo!

The chocolate brown plate on the bottom is modern but the yellow and ‘radioactive red’ (orange) are vintage. Keeping with the theme we pulled out the butterscotch bakelite silverware and an orange frosted glass.

And for Holly,  this had to be a pig because of the tail, nose isn’t quite right but the tail is : )

Tomorrow – Primary Mexico

20 days to go!!

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