Day 345 – Atomic stars

This is MY favorite of all of Angies’s cloths! The two shades of turquoise are a PERFECT match to my vintage turquoise Fiesta, and if you look very carefully in the center of the large start you can make out the faint outline of a grey or silver star. I’m guessing silver since those were notoriously fragile paints. I can only imagine this in its original glory : )

I have never managed to find the rest of my pearl grey Fiesta so we went with the grey plaid as contrast along with LOTS of vintage turquoise! The sun was starting to set behind the hills so I pulled out several of my 60′s turquoise glasses and put small candles in them. I wasn’t prepared for how pretty they were : )

The light through the glasses cast their own shadows that were fabulous with the printed stars!

Chunk thought so too : )

See how pretty?

We pulled in some Nadine napkins and the silverware we found at the Longest Yard Sale, somewhere in the middle of Kentucky I think. The cool glasses were a set I gave to my mom for her retro sewing room so she could drink iced tea in style : ) I love the candles, may do more this week since its warming up and its nice to eat outside at dusk. Summer is coming!

Tomorrow – Pride of Flanders goes to Mexico

21 days to go!!


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