Day 344 – Mod pink, red and green

From Angie’s grandmother, who loved pink, it has some amazing graphics in the border. Planters of ivy and philodendrons so typical of the era along with a pretty cha-cha wire lamp base and fern shade means it’s most likely  from the 50’s.

Since Angie’s favorite color combo is pink  and green this is a combination of her taste mixed with her grandmother’s cloth. The center of the cloth is pale pink so we started with rose Fiesta. Because there is such a strong red in the border we brought in the scarlet Fiesta and topped it with seamist.

There is a plethora of glassware on the table, from the pink depression wine glasses to the printed pink lacey glasses to the small green ones there’s something for everyone and every course : )

Because there is pink on the table there is Stuart : )

And look who hopped up, for the first time ever! Miss Prudence. She took a quick look around and scooted back outside.

Look how cute this part of the border is! My parents had a coffee table with legs like that when I was little, and the planter that matches the lamp? Adorable!

We’re down to the last few weeks, are you participating in the final setting? If so leave us a message and we’ll get you the submission information.

Tomorrow – Atomic stars

22 days to go!!

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