Day 342 – Pink Blossoms

Angie found this amongst the fabulous offerings from Nadine a while back. Pink and green is one of her favorite color combinations so she HAD to bring it home with her! When I looked at it closely it had a lot of grey so I decided to start with my vintage plaid plates as a base.

I wanted to keep it light and feminine so I pulled out the Pink Petalware depression glass. I did a bit of juggling to get the look I wanted and added the pink Fiesta salad plate between the layers of depression glass. Without the Fiesta the depression glass was quite pale and difficult the differentiate any color let alone pink. I tried different greens but settled on the green water glasses my sister gave to me.

You can definitely tell that this was a Nadine cloth, there are matching napkins : )

The blooms in the middle of the table aren’t the apple blossoms printed on the cloth, they are peonies. They just seemed the perfect flower in lieu of blooming apple stems.

We are off to the Pleasanton Flea market today – its a grey, cool day but we’re hoping to find some fabulous “stuff”! It’s also the big 75th anniversary celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge so it means the city is buzzing with what may be an extra million people there for the festivities. This is why we’re heading the opposite direction, to Pleasanton, as opposed to Treasure Island : )

Not long ago the Sew Weekly challenge was to make an outfit inspired by a city or something in a city so I chose the Golden Gate bridge. I made a fabulous little hat a la “Beach Blanket Babylon” (only much, much smaller!) -

And here is a photo of my full outfit -

You can read the full details about the challenge and the outfit here.

At the 50th anniversary celebration they had so many people walking ON the bridge that is actually flattened the natural curve of the bridge deck! This time they aren’t allowing anyone on it, they’re actually closing it off today : ) I think I’ll watch the fire works from the comfort of my couch tonight.

Tomorrow – Memorial Day

24 days to go!!

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