Day 341 – Cherries and Fans

Another cloth from the collection from Angie, this is a very light weight cotton and starting to show its age with a few small holes and worn spots. We couldn’t decide on what the print was, either fans or bellows : ) I decided to go with fans, as in the type you use on a hot day sitting on the veranda with a mint julep in hand.

Instead of the julep, however, it is the beginning of cherry season out here!

When I went to Heidi’s house the other night they had a fairly good-sized box FULL of cherries! So many cherries that Paul was shoveling them into a bag saying “Is this enough? Take more…” So many cherries, so many recipes!

To celebrate the beginning of cherry season we’re just going to eat them as they came off the tree. Piled into my vintage ice cream cups, they sit on plates embossed with a cherry pattern that Angie gave me for Christmas.

Modern scarlet Fiesta holds the vintage yellow Fiesta, and amazing red and white napkins from Nadine and red bistro silverware frame everything beautifully. Since the cherry glasses seemed the logical choice I left them in the kitchen and instead brought out the hobnail glasses. The white fruit cups & saucers that Angie and I found at the Treasure Island Flea market came to play as did a very special piece:

This is the piece that really sealed my love of the yellow/red combination! I re-did my kitchen in yellow and red because of it and today seemed appropriate for it to makes its debut : )

The cherries on the top are real, they’re out of the bowl on the right side of the table. I didn’t put them there, Ashton kitty did. I decided that if that was his contribution then I’d leave it. He hopped down as soon as he had moved them in place and went to take a nap, clearly exhausted from his decorating efforts.

The graphics are just so COOL! Around the time I found this I also found a complete set of canisters in the same design only the cherries are yellow. I may have to style a corner of my kitchen and take a photo of all the cherry love : )

It’s the beginning of a holiday weekend, I hope you have a chance to have a meal with friends and/or family and just relax.

25 days to go!!

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