Day 340 – Wisteria

Angie inherited a pile of tablecloths from various (now deceased) relatives and I have to say, they had some gems! I would LOVE to have a wisteria vine in my yard but for now I’ll have to make due with this.

Maybe Homer Laughlin would consider adding Wisteria as a color to its line…

For now we’ll use lilac as the base, followed by vintage yellow, modern seamist and topped with plum. My Grandma Bertha’s glass pitcher seemed to be a happy addition to the table as were the vintage napkins and french ivory silverware.

I couldn’t quite make up my mind about the glasses – the purple ones are from IKEA but I did try it with my vintage marigold glassware:

See the dilemma? They both look good : )

We have a new family member – her name is Zoe and she looks like our Minnie kitty but with a tail. She is very shy and prefers to stay in the closet in my sewing room. Maybe she’ll come out to help supervise soon…

26 days to go!!

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