Day 314 – MY Irises!

I grew these! I was so excited to see them not only come up but BLOOM! Sue has some amazing, HUGE type of Iris that makes you want to cry with happiness they smell so good. I’m usually at her house just as some are finishing blooming or just ready to. These guys came up and bloomed all at once and I was so excited  to use them with this cloth:

A spectacular Nadine find, we first used it on Day 105. I was just waiting for spring and here we are!

So with all that build up what’s on the table? Not MY irises…

And why you might ask? Remember the fawn I pulled out of the pond the other night? Mommy came back and has been steadily eating her way through our yard : ) First to go were all the irises, then the roses and I’m sure, if recent history stands, she’ll make her way through our ivy. I don’t really mind, everything will come back next year and its a small price to pay to have the deer around us.

What’s on the table are run-of-the-mill irises from Trader Joes : ) My animals have a fondness for flowers and so before I could get them all into a vase Ashton and Max had effectively beheaded three of them. Instead of throwing them out they went into a very small yet appropriate vase:

The hummingbird vase

My youngest sister gave this to me years ago, the actual glass vase part is very small, about 4″ tall, so only small blooms or small clusters of bigger blooms fit. What could have been one of those “love the kittys, love the kittys…” moments made for a lovely little arrangement.

We’ve tried to keep the dishes in the same colors as the flowers, from the modern blue dinner plate to the vintage dark blue salad plate topped with a modern marigold bowl. The cups & saucers are vintage Fiesta as are the salt & pepper shakers but the striped juice glasses are current. The silverware is vintage bakelite and the napkins, while not originally part of the family with this cloth, go just fine : )

I’m a little sad I didn’t get to use MY flowers but in the end I’m glad the mom-deer enjoyed them. I hope she brings the fawn around so we can watch it grow. I do feel we have a small connection to it, its not everyday you get to hold a newborn : )

Treasure Island flea market today, fun awaits!!

52 days to go!!

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