Day 313 – Lunch with Sweet Pea

This is Sweet Pea, Violet’s sister. Just like human sisters they sometimes fight : ) She has the same style dishes as Violet, one with a picture of her, the other her namesake flowers.

While she eats her lunch of apples and almonds we’re eating on the deck with a table full of pigs!

If you have pigs you naturally have pig dishes, right? This is the “pink” set, complete with bowls that have ears, noses and tails : ) The napkins all have pen and ink drawings of pigs in different poses…it really is a pig fest!

The butter dish

What better place to put your butter than under the relaxed pig?

Salt & pepper shakers

And how could you NOT bring these little guys home?

Teapot, creamer and sugar

I especially love the hand made teapot but the creamer and sugar just take the cake!

Want to see what a happy pig looks like?

Pigs can’t scratch themselves, those little legs and feet just don’t work the same way a dog or cats do. Not long ago Holly found out that Sweet Pea LOVES to be “swept”. Check out the mohawk from her ears down her spine…

Now watch as the broom goes further down…

She’s starting to tilt…

We’ve got a pig down!

That’s one happy pig girl : )

Pigs “wag” their tails when they’re happy and this is a very happy pig!

53 days to go!!

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