Day 312 – April showers

LOTS of french knots!

This cloth was part of a large bundle of stuff I bought on ebay – it included a couple small cloths, some vintage dish towels, several dresser scarves and half a dozen sets of 70′s pillowcases, a couple even still in their original packaging! What I REALLY wanted in this pile were the vintage gloves and ascots : ) There was a nearly new Christmas apron from the 60′s included so it was a little like Christmas going through the box when it arrived!

Someone made this at home with lots of love…and starch…LOTS of starch…so much that I could probably fold this into some origami shape.

We’ve got those sweet little circles in all four corners so we have a very simple and sweet tablesetting. This needed to be simple since someone refused to move as soon as the glasses hit.


I guess there is enough pink for him : )

Lilac Fiesta mixes with periwinkle and rose, a vintage blue and gold glass teeters next to the kitty. Lovely vintage napkins courtesy of Nadine and pink bistro silverware from the now-defunct Mervyns (open…open…open!)

The edging on this cloth is particularly sweet and handmade -

Rick-rack held on with french knots, now THAT”S a lot of work!

Five years ago this week authorities finally stepped in and rescued 66 dogs from Michael Vick; 53 pitbulls, 11 beagles, 1 Presa Canario and 1 Rottweiler. As bad as it had been at the Vick compound it got worse for most of the dogs when they were held in different “shelters” having been immediately deemed “dangerous”. A lot of people worked for months to get the dogs evaluated and a group from here in the Bay Area, BAD RAP, was instrumental in evaluating and eventually pulling 13 of the dogs, loading them into crates in an RV and driving them from Virginia to Oakland, California.

Of the original 53 dogs “rescued” only 49 lived long enough to be evaluated, 4 died under “mysterious” circumstances. One, Rose, was so sick after receiving no Veterinary care while in custody that she had to be euthanized. Animal Planet did a one hour special on the entire operation, interviewing Tim Racer and Donna Reynolds, the founders of BADRAP, and Tim gets very emotional over Rose’s condition and subsequent death.

The rest of the dogs went to various rescues around the country to be cared for and given a chance to heal. Jim Gorant, a writer for Sports Illustrated covered the story from the beginning, wrote a wonderful book, “Lost Dogs”,  and traces each dog individually. The dog on the book cover, Leo, was a therapy dog here in the Bay Area. He would go into hospice situations and bring smiles and comfort. He died a few months ago from a seizure disorder, I cried for an entire evening. Another dog, Jonny Justice, helps kids learn to read by just sitting and listening at the San Mateo Public library.

“These are resilient dogs. But its a lot of work to resurrect their little souls. They were pretty far off.” (Cris Cohen, Jonny’s foster dad.)

These dogs lived in horrendous conditions but were luckier than the 8 found in a shallow grave on Vick’s property. They are all a testament to what love, patience and understanding can do.

Donna wrote a wonderful piece this week about the anniversary here. I have met Tim and Donna, we took our girl through their basic training program and plan to continue their classes to give our rescue the best manners possible. There are angels on this earth that walk among us, Tim and Donna just happen to be two : ) Since the Vick case they’ve been involved in countless large and small rescues throughout this country, including the big one in Missouri in 2009. They fight the fight every day, traveling from state to state trying to get discriminatory Breed Specific legislation repealed.


Click to visit

“In the 70′s they blamed the Dobermans, in the 80′s they blamed the German Shepards, in the 90′s they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the Pit Bull. When will they blame the Humans?” – Cesar Milan

54 days to go

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