Day 311 – Larkspur and a baby deer

This is Wilendur “Larkspur”, and because it came from Nadine it has the matching napkins : )

While it is very pretty in that blue/pink spring way it does NOT have any deer on it but a deer had very much to do with today’s post.

First the cloth -

To go with all that pink. blue and green spring love we have pink and blue modern Fiesta paired with a vintage green Harlequin bowl.

The pink lace glasses and petalware cup & saucer are vintage and here you can see one of those fabulous napkins : )

Now the deer:

Today’s post was going to be a tribute to Audubon’s birthday. While I don’t care for the fact that most of what he drew he killed first I do recognize his talent and the fact that the Audubon Society is at the forefront of conservation and restoration. You can check out the organization here.

While preparing the items needed to do a photoshoot I heard screaming in my back yard. This is never a good thing so I ran outside to see what was going on. The dog was wagging her tail and barking at something behind our compost, and a couple seconds later I see a very small deer bound away! The dog must have thought she had a new playmate so there was barking and chasing while the baby is screaming and I can see Mom on the other side of the fence, snorting and pacing. The baby ended up in our shallow pond and just froze in place. I got the dog out of the way and pulled the baby out. It was very small, weighed less than Ashton kitty and wanting its mom!

I ran towards the gates to our front yard so I could return baby to mommy without making any actual contact. Baby was released, dog kept inside and Mom stopped snorting and threatening to rip one of us apart : ) A minute later I saw the two of them stroll up the street, baby seeming no worse for its trip into the pond.

When Jim got home I was still pretty wet, and I told him what happened. He said the mom was hanging out in the upper part of our yard most of the day and most likely had given birth that morning or early afternoon, had hopped the fence but the baby couldn’t figure out how to follow her! Thank goodness I got home a little early : )

By the time the adrenaline had worn off and I could think again, still being amazed at holding a newborn fawn, it was starting to rain and almost dark so we get Larkspur today. In a way I suppose I did honor Audubon’s legacy by saving a small creature. I’ll do a bird themed table in a day or two, after I make sure our friend is doing ok and mom has forgiven us : )

55 days to go!!

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