Day 309 – Pineapple paradise

This is another Sue cloth – she loves Hawaiiana and most things tropical so it was easy to let her have this : ) It was a Nadine find and while we have some pretty cha-cha matching napkins they didn’t originally come with it! This is the great thing about Nadine, sooner or later you’ll find friends or mates to something she had a year ago or something that’s been in your closet for a decade.

I’m guessing this is more late 60′s or 70′s with the blue and the daisies. And I had every intention of putting daisies in my milk glass vase that looks a little like a pineapple until I stopped by Safeway on my way home from work and they had every color BUT white! They even had the dreaded blue so I passed…

I didn’t realize how great the real pineapple looked until I saw this picture! Art imitates nature well here and at least they didn’t print the pineapples in blue. From the pineapple border with the waves, to the blue lattice center, this screams lady luncheon. It would have looked very nice on a table in “The Help” : )

Not everything on this table is vintage, the turquoise Fiesta is along with the green Harlequin. The turquoise and gold striped glasses are but the white Fiesta tumblers and salad plates are modern. My little turquoise and white casserole dish (no name, no clue who made it) blends right in. That black blob at the very top of the photo is Stuart’s tail, he hopped up to check things out and almost pulled the cloth and everything on it onto the ground! He was invited to go elsewhere and wisely accepted that invitation.

After a few days of warm weather to down-right hot last weekend we’re in for rain in the next day or two! Back inside we go….

57 days to go!!

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