Day 308 – Turquoise Dogwood

This is one of my favorite tablecloths of Sue’s. There is another one or two that I really love but this is definitely in my Top 5!

And what better way to welcome Spring than with lots of vintage turquoise and grey? As a matter of fact I don’t think there is anything on this table that ISN’T vintage!

Vintage turquoise Fiesta is combined with my vintage grey plaid set. The silverware was found at the Longest Yard Sale and the napkins are from Nadine. The glasses are part of a set I gave my mom that have their own carrier! Why don’t more glass sets come with a carrier option? Wouldn’t that be fun? Why aren’t our dishes as much fun?

The salt & pepper shakers are milk glass and the gravy boat was one of those $3 specials found at the back of a vintage/thrift store many years ago.  They turquoise ball pitcher is also one of my favorite pieces. And while Stuart just turned 6 it doesn’t make him “vintage” just yet but he is still quite special:

It cooled down a little so he’s not as insistent at staying ON the table as he was yesterday : )

Tomorrow – Pineapple paradise

58 days to go!!

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