Day 307 – The first spring dinner outside : )

I never really looked at the flowers on this cloth until I set this table and turns out, they are fuchsias : ) Too bad I don’t have any fuchsias…

I may not have any fuchsias but I do have plenty of cat, Stuart to be precise. As soon as this table was set up he was up and on it and didn’t move for the rest of the day!

We kept it simple since it was over 90 degrees today. No one is used to that yet so this was pretty much all we could muster : )

Its all modern Fiesta, from the periwinkle to rose to scarlet. The glasses are vintage and believe it or not the silverware could be considered vintage by flea market standards (over 20 years old!).  I didn’t have 4 napkins of the same color so we used 2 rose and 2 blue, a combination I highly recommend.

As it got dark, it got cool but that still didn’t dislodge Stuart : )

The lens was open about 30 seconds to get this shot, hence the blurry face and tail. And all that pretty green stuff behind the table? Most of it is stinging nettle, very pretty to look at but it does have some serious sting to it. On the advice and urging of Holly we’re going to try putting it on pizza tomorrow : )
I’ll let you know how it goes…

Tomorrow – Turquoise dogwood

59 days to go!!

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