Day 301 – Lunch with a pig


This is Violet, she is a pig : ) My friends Dick and Holly have pigs and we’re having lunch with Violet today –

It’s a feast fit for a pig! She’s the guest, not the meal : ) We started with part of Holly’s collection of baskets and watering cans to emulate the theme in the cloth (and let me just say that it took quite a bit of hunting on ebay to find one where the pigs weren’t being chased by some deranged character with a knife!)

They also have ducks, a cat, turtles,  koi and their own adopted neighborhood squirrel and blue jay. Their obsession with pigs, however, is the most fascinating to me. When I say they own just about every pig-shaped and pig-themed item possible people think I’m kidding. Every time I’m at their house I find yet another facet to their collection and so today we are using Holly’s pig-shaped luncheon dishes! I can’t stress enough how cute these are, especially when matched with pig napkin rings : )

And how many people do you know have this amazing little teapot? These are serious collectors.

I LOVE this little guy with his baskets : )

Violet came by to check on our progress and to let us know she was ready for lunch. Holly fixed her her own special meal served in special dishes painted just for her.

Violet and her lunch

After a wet week it is in the 70’s right now, perfect weather to lunch outside. Violet has her own “placemat” and you can see the violet pig painted on her beverage bowl along with bunches of violets on her food dish. She has a special lunch of apples and almonds with a little bit of fruit juice in her water.

Holly told me today that pigs drink by rolling their tongue like a straw and sucking the liquid up. Learned something new : ) I also learned that if you put your hand into a pigs mouth you may get bit. Silly humans…

Tomorrow – Tax Day!

65 days to go!!

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