Day 299 – After-the-storm breakfast

Boats on a storm tossed sea : )

We had an enormous storm come through; thunder, lightening, the whole nine yards! It seems only fitting that we should do a breakfast to celebrate the (hopeful) parting of the clouds!

We have big plans for the day so breakfast is at the crack of dawn.

This is a perfect combination of thrift store finds, refrigerator ware and Fiesta. The periwinkle plates and mugs were found at Goodwill for pennies. The fabulous syrup pitcher and its juice pitcher friend were flea market finds, both from the same vendor but a couple months apart.

Modern scarlet and white Fiesta sparkle against the periwinkle and just for kicks (and because we haven’t seen them in a while) the cherry glasses came out this morning. Stuart also showed up : )


He’s waiting to see if any of those eggs the new chicken girls keep laying are going to make an appearance : )

Here’s what we had flowing around us last night –

Each tower of the Bay Bridge was struck. While beautiful I’m just glad I wasn’t driving across it. As it was our dog was taking the  thunder and lightening as a personal affront so we’re all a little tired : )

67 days to go!!

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