Day 295 – “Styled in Paris” Roses

This cloth was a little bit of a challenge – I loved the grey and the pink/red combo but those green leaves gave me pause. It would be very easy to wander into Christmasland with this so I needed to take care…

There is a "guest' on the table!

I was pleasantly surprised that the new shamrock green Fiesta plates matched the leaves so well and so, apparently, was Olivia. From the moment this cloth hit the table she was ON it : ) I think she was more interested in the flowers than anything else but she’s still hanging out.

The French have a lovely term for the bottom plate, or what we might call a charger. They call it a “presentation plate” so today’s presentation plate is the shamrock Fiesta : )

Here is where the “tricky” worked out – scarlet and pink Fiesta piled on top of the shamrock make it look like a flower : ) The small vintage grey plaid bowl ties in the grey background while pink napkins from Nadine and pink bistro silverware keep the table light. For fun I used the red hobnail glasses and pink and grey Fiesta serving pieces.

Why did I call this “Styled in Paris”?

Because that’s what is says on the bottom edge : ) I tried finding the story behind this cloth but everyone I found that had one on Etsy or Ebay had no background either. They all thought the quality of the printing and the cloth itself was similar to Wilendur but there are no other tags to indicate manufacturer. If anyone has any info we’d love to hear it : )

For now we’ll just bask in our Parisian styled roses.

Tomorrow – 1930′s Fab

71 days to go!!

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