Day 294 – Turquoise stripes and flowers : )

I think this is one of my new favorite finds : )

From Tracey at the Alameda Flea market it is quite large, in pretty good condition save a couple stains AND has stripes…turquoise stripes!!

Not only is this perfect for vintage turquoise Fiesta paired with modern white but it also demands the turquoise silverware my mom and I found last summer at the Longest Yard Sale.

It is also perfect with the vintage linen napkins from our friend Nadine and the cute little turquoise floral juice glasses my mom found at Macy’s last season : ) I see this in heavy rotation this summer and it may end up living at my mom’s house since these really are her favorite colors. Perhaps an early birthday present…

Tomorrow – “Styled in Paris” roses

72 days to go!!

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