Day 293 – Easter!

An Easter tree : )

I would like to thank both my youngest sister, Erica, and Lidian, who writes the Kitchen Retro blog, for today’s inspirations. There is an item on this table that was inpsired by an ad Lidian had published on her site via another blogger, Helen. I’ll post the link a little further down but first, Easter brunch!

My sister has LOTS of stuff, not as much as I have (although I’m sure her husband would disagree but trust me on this Hector!) but she’s got some pretty fabulous things : ) So we took the show on the road and went to her house!

Between the bunnies, the birds and the chicks we are well covered with the animal cuteness. We’re using her collection of Lindt Stymeist dishes, she calls them the Happy dishes because they’re so bright and cheerful : ) I had a set of them as well but when my Fiesta collection started to grow I gave her mine.

They do make for a whole lot of pastel fun, don’t they? Each place is a little different, a good thing when you have three kids like she does.

We also matched a napkin to the placesetting for “a full color experience”. I think I’ve been reading too many vintage advertisements…

The eggs that you see just above the plate are from my chicken girls. Pouff lays the very small white-ish eggs, Prudence the larger white and our new rescued girls lay the extra large brown! I think the eggs are gorgeous like they are so I don’t dye them but there were plenty of dyed eggs done in the last day or two to satisfy ALL the kids : )

And now our last minute addition:

The Ham Basket.

An item made with SO much sugar that you are almost guaranteed to be a diabetic after ingestion : ) You can see the original ad here. Let me just say that we DID go to the trouble of getting a wonderful whole pineapple so we could cut those pineapple strips like the picture. The joy, and sorrow, of using fresh ripe fruit (that was super yummy!) is that we couldn’t get it super thin like in the picture without it breaking. And we tried using red vine-type candy for the handle (my niece braided it for us) but it really needed some kind of wire re-enforcement to hold its shape (that’s why there is a small lemon under it in this pic.) Here is its “official” pic:

The Ham Basket

And here it is in front of the computer screen with the ad pulled up:

We also made some Rachel Ray inspired deviled eggs:

They are supposed to look like chicks hatching from an egg. The eyes are capers and the beaks are cut up jelly beans. Yes, we were “supposed” to have used pimentos but we didn’t have any so we used what we had : ) You just need to remove the beaks before you eat them, capers + egg + jelly bean = not so good flavor combo.

We had a GREAT time playing in the kitchen, and there was NO alcohol involved <g> Thanks for all the help, Erica!

May your Easter be full of chocolate bunnies and eggs with good friends and family : )

73 days to go!!

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