Day 289 – Swap fabric #3


Yet another fun and fabulous piece I got at the Sew Weekly Swap a couple of weeks ago. It reminds me of the print on a pair of shorts I bought for my daughter some years ago:

Pucci shorts

We know for a fact that the fabric was designed by Pucci for his own line, not sure the year but would guess late 60′s/early 70′s. If you look carefully you can j u s t make out a tiny signature in the white polka dot on that “W” and then again in the bottom square of the nine-square just to the right of the “W”. It doesn’t look like “Pucci” does it? It actually says “Emilio”, his first name. I know this for sure, not because I’m a huge fan or anything, but because of the labels IN the shorts:

The Labels : )

Pretty fancy, eh? We paid a small fortune for these : )  One of these days I may sell them on ebay…I may not… It’s kind of cool to have a little piece of history.

Back to the table…

The Pucci table

With all that print the dishes needed to be big and bold and rose Fiesta fit the bill.  We alternated between basic black dinnerware and the rose. Vintage lacey glasses keep the pattern moving along with a modern black gothic glass.

Stuart hopped up on the table and settled down before I could lower the camera and say “Hey!”. He just KNOWS when he looks good on something : ) Like Ashton being drawn to orange, Stuart likes the pinks and black.


I have to admit he does look good.

Let’s see what is in store for him tomorrow, since it’s his birthday!

Tomorrow – Stuart’s Birthday!

77 days to go!!

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  • You have inspired me to find some vintage glassware. I have been on the hunt for several weeks now. In fact, I was successful just the other day — Sunday. I found a set of 5 drink glasses with a silver rim. But it is really a challenge to find sets. Lots of singles. If only I knew which singles to collect to make a set…#mindreader

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