Day 288 – Angie’s Birthday!!

And the word of the day is....

B I R T H D A Y !!

It is Miss Angie’s birthday today – one of those that ends with a zero but she’s handling it well by eating copious amounts of cake : )

AND she got to design her own table:

She wanted bright and fun, eclectic and silly : ) I added the napkins in the 4 and the 3 since her birthday is 4/3.

My side of the table features red, turquoise, yellow and green Fiesta with a turquoise polka dot glass, red cup and blue saucer. She chose the turquoise, orange and yellow silverware : )

Her side of the table features lilac, turquoise, yellow and readioactive red Fiesta with a yellow polka dot glass and yellow cup with red saucer. She liked the yellow, pink and turquoise silverware : )

We did have a special guest:

Pee Wee himself

Angie has quite a collection of Pee Wee Herman items – frankly, I’m surprised she didn’t bring out the doll that talks!

Happy Birthday Angie : ) Thank you for being such a good friend and staunch supporter of this little blog. May you have many, many more electic, fun, silly and bright birthdays!!

78 days to go!!

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