Day 285 – A tropical breakfast in the rain

Hibiscus : )

It is wet, wet, wet here in Northern California today. It is also warm-ish, so I’m going to pretend we’re somewhere tropical and breezy and it’s only a matter of time until this storm passes and we can go outside and play : )

The tablecloth fabric is another piece I found at Bekah’s booth at the Alameda Flea market last month, and if the rain doesn’t let up soon there will be no flea market tomorrow : (

The red is fabulous, but the white of the flowers isn’t really white, it’s more the creamy color that is the vintage cream Fiesta, one of the original five colors. I have very few pieces of it, pretty much what you see is what I have (with a little help from photoshop).

The scarlet (red) Fiesta is all modern, the cream all vintage. Vintage bakelite silverware AND a terrier napkin ring for whimsy frame out the dishes : ) We’ve got fruit and bagels, eggs and chai to start our day! Maybe we can get some seeds started to take advantage of the rain : )

Tomorrow – Swap fabric #2

81 days to go!!

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