Day 283 – Calder Part 2

We’ve seen this cloth before on Day 68. When I discovered the Poppy Trail California Mobile dishes just hangin’ out at my neighbors house I REALLY wanted to get these two together. They were MADE for each other!

Made for each other!

Then I couldn’t find the cloth… I searched high and low. I try to stay very organized, keep everything together and in boxes so in CASE I want/need something it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to find it.

I searched for hours. I wanted to send this to LA with my parents to give to my sister for her birthday back in February and just couldn’t find it. Finally, I was digging again in a box I’ve been into at least half a dozen times and there it was, folded up with another red cloth! Fortunately, I haven’t had a chance to take the Poppytrail dishes back to their home so these two finally met : )

It only seemed natural to pick up the turquoise in the design, to really set off the Poppytrail.

The base plates are modern turquoise Fiesta, the vintage has too much blue in it for this table. The napkins are from Nadine and the silverware is the modern french ivory.

Stuart claimed this table as his today. I do believe he claimed the first table setting using this cloth as well : ) If nothing else he is consistent.

I’m so glad we could finally get these two together, like chocolate and peanut butter!

Tomorrow – Fabric from a swap!

83 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 283 – Calder Part 2

  • This setting is just to cool. The turquoise really makes it pop and not get lost in everything that is going on in the fabric. And of course I have to love everything my boyfriend STUART loves.

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