Day 281 – Spring Iris

Spring Iris

When I was little we had a neighbor that grew enormous Irises in the front yard by the street. They smelled like nothing I’ve smelled since and in the intervening years have all but disappeared. I found some irises at Trader Joe’s this week and while not the same variety  I needed something bright for a mid-week pick-me-up : )

This ought to do it! Vintage bright yellow Fiesta stacked with modern seamist and scarlet.

For extra fun we’re using the vintage red and gold bakelite silverware with my vintage striped glasses. It would be pretty tough to be cranky if you started your day out like this : ) And the fabulous napkins are, as always, from Nadine.

Tomorrow is an extra special day – two events, one very sad and one very hopeful, happened two years ago. We will be celebrating the circle of life and commemorating a very special girl.

Tomorrow – A Tale of Two Ashtons

85 days to go!!

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